29 Oct 2011 - Consultation 13 - Kingdom Development through Relief & Development

Date: Sat 29 October 2011
Time: 12 to 3.15 pm
Place: Prinsept Street Presbyteiran Church
Speaker Joshua Tan, Director of Training & Networking, BGR International

This consultation is free but registration is required.
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In Matt 28, Jesus has clearly indicated to his followers the right attitude and action toward those who are having physical, emotional and spiritual needs.

In disaster relief, what does the Church have to offer a world experiencing an unprecendented increase in natural disasters and global environmental crisis? How can we be a channel to extend Christ's love to the needy during a crisis and follow up with community development works after the crisis? How can we prepare the Church to engage in more practical ministries and be equipped to make a difference?

In community development, when we work alongside communities to provide practical answers to real needs with the right Kingdom princicples, we can be able to see Christ transforming the communities, which will then be able to make an impact for the Gospel to other communities.


Joshua TanJoshua Tan is a founding member and currently the Director of Training and Networkign with BGR International. He served 12 years with Multi National Companies and had headed various departments in Engineering, Training and Marking. Then he left the well paid career in an American company, founded an engineering company in China, and managed it from 1991 till 2007.
In 2004, Joshua and his wife, Rose, dedicated themselves as missionaries during the Methodist Prayer Confernce. Subsequently, he served in various capacities in several missions organisations.
In 2010, he was appointed as an adjunct luncturer to 3 seminaries - Singapore Bible College, Baptist Theological Seminary & Bethany International University specializing in mission strategies using Human Needs Ministry.
Joshua is a passionate advocate of reaching out to the million oversea Chinese migrants in Singapore and has formed a Missions task force consisting of several mission organisations to reach out to them


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1.10pm Talk by Joshua Tan
2.00pm Q&A
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2.35pm Interaction and Group Prayer