EPJM 2016

Come and join us; be a part of Christ's work in Iwate, Japan. And, if you have gone on one of our trips before, you are a candidate to be a Team Facilitator. Please also consider and pray for this role, for teams cannot go without the Team Facilitator in place.

10 Days mission from Monday to the following week Wednesday (except Feb team):
23 Feb~03 Mar - Team Facilitator, Nari Maruyama (mission trip completed)
14-23rd Mar - Team Facilitator, Rus Teo (mission trip completed)
11-20th Apr - Team Facilitator, Pauline Koh (mission trip completed)
16-25th May - Team Facilitator, Susan Eng (mission trip completed)
13-22nd Jun - Cancelled
18-27th Jul - Team Facilitator, Terry Chai (membership's closed)
15-24th Aug
12-21st Sep - Team Facilitator, Shao Xiong (open for membership)
10-19th Oct - Team Facilitator, Samuel Tandijanto (open for membership)
14-23rd Nov
12-21st Dec

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