6 August 2011 - Consultation 12 - Missions At Our Doorstep

Date: Sat 6 August 2011
Time: 12 to 3.15 pm
Place: Prinsept Street Presbyteiran Church
Speaker Rev Malcolm Tan
(Chairman & Ministry Coordinator, 
Asia Evangelistic Fellowship Singapore)

The Great Commission can never be accomplished without Cross-Cultural Missions. For many of us, this has meant packing up and leaving home. Nowadays, Cross-Cultural missions can also be carried out while residing right here in Singapore. In today's globalized world, Singapore is 'home' to many who have come here to work and study. There are over 1.3 million foreigners out of Singapore's population of 5 million people, yet many of us in our churches do not know how to make use of the challenges and opportunities for "Missions at Our Doorstep".
This Consultation will help us explore and think both theologically and strategically on how we can approach our foreign communities and reach out to them with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.