19 Feb 2011 - Consultation 10 - Business as Missions

Date: Sat 19 February 2011
Time: 12 to 3.15 pm
Place:  Prinsept Street Presbyteiran Church
Speaker: Mr Yeoh Seng Eng
Sharing by: Preacher William Heng
Rev. Edwin Wong


What has business got to do with missions? God can use businesses and companies to reach the world ofr Christ. Believers who work in these places are more than providers of finance for churches and missionary organisation. They are the new face of missions and have as much a role ot play in fulfilling the Great Commission as churches and mission organisations


Mr. Yeoh Seng Eng trained as a management and development consultant before serving as a tentmaker in the Philippines from 1998 to 2004. He holds an M.A. in Intercultural Sudies from Columbia Seminary. Presently Seng Eng works as a business consultant in the Asia Pacific, serves as a director of Care Channels International and chairs the mission committe of Pasir Panjang  Hill Brethren Church.

Sharing by

Preacher William Heng holds bachelor (B.Th) and masters (M.A.) degrees from Singapore Bible College. At the age of 39, he sold off his business and went into full time theological studies. With his business acumen, William invested in livelihood projects (cashew nut and pepper) in Thailand and Cambodia as platforms for community development and church planting. He now serves as preacher and missions chair at Bethel Presbyterian Church.

Rev Edwin Wong is the Associate Minister at Covenant Presbyterian Church. He attended the 3rd Lausanne Congress on World Evangelism at Cape Town (16-25 Oct 2010) and has some exciting impressions on Lausanne to share with us.


12.00 p.m. Register and Lunch
1.00 p.m. Praise
1.10 p.m. Talk by Yeoh Seng Eng
1.50 p.m. Sharing by William Heng
2.20 p.m. Q&A
2.30 p.m. Sharing by Edwin Wong
2.45 p.m. Group Prayer