MissFest 2010 - Let us Go!

MissFest 2010 saw 350, from 14 Presbyterian churches and several other church groups enjoying a fresh presentation of the mission challenge.

MissFest 2010 – “Let Us Go!” is the second instalment to the first MissFest 2009 – “Let Me Go!”. Last year, the organisers geared the Fest to the young and they were not disappointed. This year, both young and old came. It was a sight to behold at the Prinsep Street Presbyterian Church on Saturday, 7th of August - youthful exuberance mixed with adult anticipation!

The afternoon kicked off with a whistle! Participants headed straight to 7 workshops covering ministries, such as Bible Translation (Wycliffe), Missions off the beaten track (NTM), Short-term Missions (OM), Services in China (MSI), Reachable Unreached (WEC), Missions at our doorstep (HealthServe) and Health & Community (SIM). Agencies were given 45 minutes to make their presentation; twice.


We wanted presentations to be creative, interactive and memorable,” said Rev Rodney Hui, Chairman of the EPMC. “Not classroom style!” And the agencies delivered!

One agency created a village tribal setting. Another involved 3 migrants who set up a typical migrant dormitory, squeezing participants into the confined space to get a feel of the conditions they live in. Two ladies enacted a village home-setting with participants sitting on the floor sipping tea and eavesdropping on the domestic conversation. A team of young men acted out in skits the impact missions had on their lives in yet another.

Dinner time was a great opportunity for further interaction. Adults milled around in groups eating a packet meal while youths sat on the floor in circles having fun and laughter. Presbyterian ministers lent their support with their presence.

ParticipantsOne thing that we don’t want the youth to go away with is the idea that missions is boring,” said Rodney. The evening program was specially designed to be enjoyable and yet impactful. It was good to hear that adults enjoyed it just as much.

Worship, led by Dr Alvin Teo, backed by the PSPC band, lifted our eyes and our hearts to the God of missions and His purposes.

This was followed by the delightful Shaun Lee, who MCeed half an hour of Mission Fun! Following the heels of the World Cup, the vuvuzela became the instrument to cue the audience into the various segments of fun - all mission-based. Prizes were freely given out to winners of the Mission quiz and trivia. Strings of flags adorned the sanctuary, giving it an international feel.

Next, a powerful video clip entitled “Harvest bells are ringing!” left the audience momentarily stunned. The challenge was enormous.

Shaun returned to the podium to make a “live” phone call to Zambia, Africa. After a few rings, a voice answered. Marianne, 19 shortly, attended last year’s MissFest. and is now serving in Zambia and South Africa. For several minutes, Shaun bantered with Marianne. She is now involved in community service with ProCristo and OM. Elder Susan Eng of All Saints Pres. prayed for her. Towards the end of the call, the audience erupted in a “Happy Birthday” chorus for Marianne.

Evening SessionThe speaker was Daniel Jesudason, a veteran with Wycliffe, having spent 20 years in Papua New Guinea and in the process translated the New Testament into the Daga language.

Daniel’s self-effacing humor, his eloquence in English (and Daga!), his testimony and the wonderful stories of salvation amongst the Daga people, had the audience falling over in laughter and uplifted in the goodness of God.

It was not a long message. But all knew God was speaking. When Daniel gave the call to missions, the event banner was laid out on the flood in front of the pulpit. Boys, girls, men and women, queued up along the aisle to await their turn to sign their names on the banner to indicate their desire and commitment to missions. It was indeed a special moment. No less than 120 signatures were counted on the banner.

Signing banner

Rev Tan Cheng Huat of True Way Presbyterian Church brought the Missfest 2010 to a close with an apt Mission Benediction.

God was at work indeed!