EP Japan Mission 2017 Trips

The dates for EP Japan Mission Trips for 2017 are as follows:

Date Team Facilitator Status
Feb 18-26 Eddie Chandra Trip Cancelled
Mar 18-26 Nari Maruyama Closed
Apr 11-20 Rus Teo Closed
May 16-25 Joelle Yap Closed
Jun 13-22 Pauline Koh Closed
Jul 11-20 Grace Lee Closed
Aug 15-24 Cancelled
Sep 12-21 Wai Lin Closed
Oct 17-26 Susan Eng Closed
Nov 14-23 Cesar Balota Closed
Dec 12-21 Levene Wong Closed


Kairos 2017

Praise God for the successful completion of the Kairos 2017 course. Congrats to all who successfully completed the course

Click on this picture to see some photo from the final session