What others are saying about EP Kairos: 

Effective in changing mission mind-sets and perspectives.
2013 Kairos Participant
The contextualization example was excellent – more please!  The role play was excellent too!  I appreciate a lot that lay-people are running this course – it becomes real to the many people who attend.
Pastor D. Goh, 2015 Kairos Participant
Attending Kairos has aided my present understanding of the biblical and historical understanding of missions.
2015 Kairos Participant 
Excellent course that should be made compulsory for all churches’ discipleship training! 
Pastor Chua C.P., 2016 Kairos Participant, and current Kairos Facilitator
Through the course, the phrase “blessed to be a blessing” gave me a paradigm shift.  God’s heartbeat for mission starting from the book of Genesis gave me a nudge to pursue His heartbeat.  With this paradigm shift, it became clear to me that “blessed to be a blessing” is not an option, but a call for every believer to respond… Through the lesson on cross cultural considerations, my lack of understanding and tolerance of other cultures was surfaced… The importance of prayer was reaffirmed through the course.
Oh M.D., 2016 Kairos Participant
Thanks to all the wonderful facilitators for the effort that you have put into the course.  Really appreciate everything that was done to bring missions applicable to everyone. 
J. Yeo, 2017 Kairos Participant
Hope to encourage more people to join and promote Kairos in church! 
Elder Koh S.K., 2017 Kairos Participant
Blessed Course!  Well done! 
John, 2017 Kairos Participant
Eye opener – that I am prideful and ethnocentric.  Started journey of repentance, to check daily for filters and ask for God’s grace and mercy to see people as He sees them – with love and compassion.
Koh H.B., 2017 Kairos Participant
My passion for missions has grown and the course has challenged me to learn how to integrate missions into my everyday life. 
Sabrina, 2017 Kairos Participant
The Church exists for God’s mission.  Pray that church leaders would attend and encourage church members to discern and do God’s will that no one should perish but all come to be saved.
Elder Wong P.Y.,2017 Kairos Participant